And Another Thing…

Hiya. It’s me again, sorry.

I realised I made a bit of a boo-boo before and forgot to follow up with my previous record/turntable post (‘The Record Hunt‘), and I have some MASSIVE news regarding it.

About a month after I wrote that post about my turntable and how I’d make it my mission to find Sidney Bechet’s Petite Fleur, or some other 1920’s jazz, or just anything else on record, I should have written another post because a MIRACLE happened.

In November I went to Paris for the weekend with my friends. We were walking along by the river near Notre Dame and looking at some roadside market stalls. A couple of them were selling old records. I had a look at the first stall that was there. They must have had only 30ish records at most. Half way through flipping through the collection an actual miracle happened. No joke. There was a beautiful record with a 1970’s cover called ‘Hommage à Sidney Bechet et aux grands du Jazz’. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!?!? Extremely slim, that’s what the chances are! And then, and then… what do you know, but it has Petite Fleur on it. Engage freak out mode to maximum.

Anyway, after the fainting and the screaming and the collapsing, I bought it and brought it home with me. This was my first actual hunt for records and I found the one I had been looking for, thinking it would be rare and take me years to find. But it took me a month at most. Completely crazy.

Now, I’m not actually very good at French (don’t let the A-Level fool you), but I think the ‘hommage’ part of the record’s title might mean it is not actually a recording of Sidney Bechet himself, it’s some copycats, but still, it’s Petite Fleur on a record. Amazing.

Anyway, I kept meaning to write a blog post about it because it was so bloody amazing, but the weeks kept going past and the longer it didn’t happen, the less of a miracle it seemed and the need to write it became less and less. Basically, I’m just a terrible person who couldn’t find the time to write on her blog, even when something astounding (for me) happened.

But oh, well. I’m telling the world (probably just my mum) about it now. Here are some pictures and video to prove the miracle:

2012-11-25 21.27.48 2012-11-25 21.27.14 2012-11-25 21.27.30

Now I just need a Parisian balcony and I’m set.

Alright, I’ll skedaddle for now. Who knows what the next post will be about, eh!? I certainly don’t.

L x

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A Few Things…

Joshua James Photo

Let’s all look at a quite-attractive Joshua James

Hiya. Remember me? Probably not.

I have been very quiet. Six months of quiet in fact. That’s a whole, bloody half a year. Crikers.

So what’s new? Well, not much. I have no real excuse for not keeping this blog going, apart from the very boring and general excuse of being ‘busy’. If I’m totally honest, it’s probably because of a boy. Well, I should say ‘man’ seeing as I’m 23. But anyway, a boy came into my life and that distracted me from things such as this. He is less distracting me at the moment because he’s buggered off travelling for 4 months (see @TwoMenInAMondeo). But anyway, enough of that…

I remember before I was vaguely waffling on about how I would keep this blog going, what I’d do next, ya-da ya-da ya-da. But in reality none of that came to fruition. So, I’m basically going to indulge myself and just yap on about some new music I like. Sound good? Yeeeeah.

So, big news is, I have Spotify. The horror. What with HMV’s administration (massive sob) and the increasing desire to listen to new music more easily and cheaply, plus knowing the option was out there, I caved and got a Spotify subscription. I told myself that it would just be for listening to the new music I discover to see whether I like it. Anything I really liked I would buy physically or download from iTunes. I sort of do that. In that I’ve added only new music to my playlist and use it to see if I like a band, but really I doubt I’ll buy a CD or download something when I already have it on Spotify. I will, and have, however, still buy CDs of bands I really love. Included in this category already is Stornoway’s latest album, Tales from Terra Firma. In a nutshell – very good, not as good as their first (obviously), but some cracking tunes, including The Great Procrastinator.

Through Spotify’s ‘Related Artists’, listening to 6Music and a lot through doing music exchanges (I usually can’t offer much in return) with friends at work, I have built up quite a long list of really good new (at least to me) artists. Here they be:

– Cocos Lovers


– Oh Land

– Faye

– MØ

– Cruiser

– Goldroom

– Dan Croll (saw live supporting Stornoway – awsomesauce-um, if you’ll excuse that horrible word)


– Youth Lagoon

– Wild Belle

– Mountain Man

– Allah-Las

– Trails and Ways

– Vacationer

– The Staves (saw some of live when I saw Bon Iver at Wembley Arena. Yup, that’s me now. Douchebag central)

– Joshua James (bloody love)

– Lord Huron (also bloody love)

– Grimes (heard of but hadn’t listened to much)

– Little Comets

These are all a mix of electro/synth/Scandinavian girl pop, chilled out electro/mellow Americana and folky/indie stuff that you’d usually expect from me.

I think I will leave you with a selection of all three. You can guess which is which.

Vactationer – Good As New:

MØ – Glass:

Joshua James – Willamette Mountain:

Yummy. Now I’m not going to promise any future posts or when they would come – I have no plan and I know how flaky I am.

So, for now, ta-ra, enjoy the music, and thanks for reading.

L x

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The Record Hunt

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for… my return to the blogosphere! Do people even still call it that any more? I doubt it.

Anyway, long time no see, eh? Or really, long time no write-and-no-one-sees. So what has brought me out of the woodwork again? My birthday! It’s all me, me, me around here, remember? So I’ve just had my 23rd birthday (my birthday cards were lost in the post I take it?) and on Monday I opened a birthday present from friends and boy, it was good.


As you might be able to tell from the picture, it was a turntable and a small collection of records. Amazeawesomeballssauce, as the kids say these days (I’m led to believe…). A very cool present in my eyes. I haven’t exactly ‘always wanted’ a record player, but I have thought the idea pretty cool and when I’ve come across old records at stalls and charity shops I’ve romanticised about playing them on an old antique record player whilst sipping wine (who am I kidding? Apple juice, obviously) on a Parisian balcony at sunset… ah, to be pretentious, that’s the real dream. I particularly wanted to listen to 1920’s jazz on a record player. I have decided I am a fan of 1920’s jazz. Why? Because of Jonathan Creek, really. Do I need to say more? OK. There’s an episode of Jonathan Creek (I own the 4 series boxset) called Seer of the Sands where the mysteriously-killed character is listening to a piece of jazz music – 1920’s jazz. This is before he’s killed, obviously. But then it’s played later in the episode again after he’s killed, and it’s So. Flippidy. Dippidy. Good. I managed to track the particular piece down and it’s by an amazing clarinet player called Sidney Bechet from the Twenties and Thirties and it’s called Petite Fleur.

Which now leads me to how I plan to continue with this blog… hopefully. My mission for the foreseeable future, nay, my life, is to now find a record with Petite Fleur by Sidney Bechet on it. In the meantime I want to find at least one 1920’s jazz record and also start collecting fun records. I will document this hunt here. I’m thinking I might try and visit record stores around the capital – although I have no idea when I’ll actually be able to find the time, or the money, for this. It will have to be a very long, drawn-out record hunt and the blog posts may be few and far between, but it’s something.

So yes, let the record browsing, and bumbling about it, begin! Hopefully see you soon.

L x


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Indietronic Avenue

M83 album cover

Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming by M83

Woop, I return! I’m hoping this won’t be the one and only post I’ll do on this blog after my “countdown” ended, but we’ll see…

I have been dabbling with creating another blog, and maybe trying to amalgamate (great word) the two, but that’s too complicated for me at the moment, so while I have a mess around with that every now and again, I thought I’d do a petit (who am I kidding?!) post on here.

I want to talk about a couple of bands, and basically a whole genre of music, that I have been liking lately – electric/electronica/indie-electric/indietronic/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. The fact that I have developed a liking for these sorts of bands is a bit surprising to me; I definitely think of myself as a folk-pop-rock-indie gal and don’t venture into many other areas, other than the odd artist here and there. I suppose some clues were there – I liked MGMT, Empire of the Sun, the poppy-electric style of Ellie Goulding, and a lot of what you’d call modern ‘indie’ leans towards electric/alternative these days. But my enthusiasm for the genre has developed and increased lately.

The main culprit for this love is M83, whom I’m going to wang on about for a bit (you are warned). Not too long ago I bought their/his album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming because of Midnight City (RIDICULOUSLY overused, but I still don’t quite completely hate it… yet) and also the second single Reunion. Like a lot of great purchases, it was a bit of a whim. I had read a little about M83 – learning that they were originally a French duo but are now pretty much one guy – Anthony Gonzalez, and have had about five albums already. I like it when there is so much more to a band than some people would know. I bet the majority of people think they are some new indie-electronic band with a one-hit-wonder in Midnight City (I know I did to begin with), but oh no, there’s a whole back story. I’m sure there are thousands of people that already knew all about M83, but ANYWAY, back on track – other than the singles and the little I’d looked up, I didn’t really know what else to expect from this album, and at first I felt a bit overwhelmed – it’s a double CD with over 20 tracks. I always prefer a long album to a short one, but this was quite mammoth. I needn’t have worried, though; all 22 tracks are some degree of beautiful.

The first track that really grabbed me is called Raconte-Moi Une Histoire. It’s very bizarre, but for some reason brilliant. Although, very sadly, it’s already lost its original, new, brilliant shine, and I’m now a bit too familiar with it. But, it’s alright, after, say, a year of not listening to it, I might be able to get back some of the original brilliance (this is the warped relationship I have with music, unfortunately). The bizarre element comes from the reading of a ‘story’ by a little girl that plays over the music. It’s a psychedelic account of encountering a frog, and the sickly-sweet tones of the (American-accented) girl are rather irritating, but it’s the music behind it that is genius. I am always one to appreciate melody and music rather than the lyrics. For me, music is about the sound, not really the words and meaning – how ironic considering my whole ‘words and music’ theme for this blog! FAIL! But anyway, the build-up (I’m sure there’s a better, technical music word for it – crescendo?!) is a whole load of awesome. I will have to post the video at the end of this post.

Apparently, M83 fall within what you call the ‘shoegazing‘ genre. Being a bit of a rookie when it comes to the music industry (although I like to pretend I’m not), I hadn’t heard of this genre before. Seemingly it’s a big deal; artists that like to ‘shoegaze’ include Kurt Vile, Smashing Pumpkins, Mazzy Star, The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Chapel Club and The Verve, and they’re only the ones I’ve heard of. Now we have ‘nu gaze‘ too, which includes Beach House, Crystal Castles, The Joy Formidable, Wavves, Yuck, The Horrors and Neon Indian. I’m not sure I’m definitely a nu gaze fan, but I am leaning towards it. I think my genre-du-jour is more ‘Indietronica’…

I’ve recently bought albums by Fixers, Alt-J and Passion Pit, all a bit electro-y, and the latter of which are included on Wikipedia’s Indietronica list along with some other artists I like (or think I like) – Ellie Goulding, Empire of the Sun, Friendly Fires, Grimes, Grouplove, Metronomy, MGMT, Miami Horror, The Naked and Famous, Neon Indian, Patrick Wolf, Purity Ring (LOVE Fineshrines and think I’m going to buy their album Shrines), Washed Out and The xx. They also list M83 here, too. It’s probably not very interesting to say I have started to like this sort of music recently, because I think this is just where the ‘trend’ in (indie) music is – most new, up and coming acts, like Grimes and Jessie Ware, are in this vein. But hey-ho, I like the way it’s going and I’m embracing it.

Thanks for reading, see you in two months again!?

L x

Raconte-Moi Une Histoire by M83. Love the perfect rhyming of that title. Voila:

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It’s the Final Countdown!

40 Day Dream

40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (from Up from Below)

(Thanks to Anna for the PERFECT title for this post.)

Try to hold back the tears, but this is the last post in the alphabet-countdown. I don’t know if this is the end-end of the whole Musicalexis blog, but certainly in terms of looking at words that start song titles in alphabetical order. Quite neatly in fact, it will be nearly one year exactly since I kicked this thing off with my first post on ‘A’.

I am sad that it is the end, and unfortunately I really have the urge to quote this:

And now, the end is here,
And so I face the final curtain

And also this:

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end.

OK, enough of that. Let’s get down to the matter in hand – the three ‘Z’ songs and seven number songs that round out my list:

Zebra – Beach House (this is a nice song, and lots of people seem to rave about Beach House, but the other songs I’ve heard of theirs don’t seem that great, so I haven’t bothered to buy any more)

Zoo TimeMystery Jets

ZorbingStornoway (the song that started the love)

Now for numbers, which Apple iPods like to list at the end of the alphabet, not the beginning as you’d usually expect:

1 in 10UB40

4th Dimensional TransitionMGMT

17Kings of Leon (awesomeness)

19th Nervous BreakdownThe Rolling Stones

40 Day DreamEdward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (the single that made me want to buy Up from Below and I actually bought their second album Here the other week. Buying it was a bit of a risk because, although I really like Up from Below, I hadn’t heard any of their new stuff so didn’t know if it would be in a similar vein, or completely different. Luckily it is still in the style of the first album, but not similar enough to be too samey-samey and boring. I recently learnt that there is actually no Edward Sharpe at all, it’s just a name for the band – just a nice little factoid for you there…)

78 Stone WobbleGomez

1234 – Feist (lovely song which was used in an Apple advert once. I already had Feist’s Mushaboom (an even better song) before that advert came about actually, so was already aware of her before this one. I should properly look into more of her work as I like both of these songs and I’m sure she has a lot of albums to explore).

And that is that. Finito. End of. It’s a shame that this idea didn’t develop the way I’d envisaged – in my optimistic naïvety I had thought people would contribute to this list and it would become more of a discussion of popular words in song titles, instead of just me indulging my ramble-mode and boring anyone who accidentally finds this blog. But, hey, I tried, and I enjoyed the process of writing anyway. I am thinking of ways to keep this blog going, though I have been leaning towards writing about something completely different (not even music-related) but then my whole ‘Musicalexis’ theme would fall down, so I think I will keep this blog for music-related rambles and perhaps start another one?! Although, going on the success of this one, I’m not sure that’s a good idea… Oh, I don’t know. I’ll just say, goodbye for now, but hopefully not goodbye forever. I’ll just take a sabbatical from this blog for a while, while I try to figure out what I’m doing with it, and the rest of my life in general.

Take care all and MASSIVE thanks to the few who have actually read some of this blog, you’re dolls.


L x

Leaving you with this treat, 40 Day Dream (if you skip forward to 10.08), and the video I mentioned before in my Up post where they appeared to be in a bookshop (it’s actually a workplace I think). They’re a bit of a weird bunch, but the song is great:

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Your Young

Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me

Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me by The Pipettes

No, I have not made the fatal mistake of confusing ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, that would just be EMBARRASSING, no, I’m just making a title from the two words I am talking about today: ‘Young’ and ‘Your’.

Being ‘Young’ and the idea of youthfulness is always an attractive notion. I think I’d be right in saying that the majority of people don’t want to grow old, apart from when you are actually young – I’d say up until I was about 17 I wanted to be older, after that it was all downhill and now I’m constantly wishing I was younger again. And I’m only 22. It’s just going to get worse. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that youth is a topic that sparks a lot of conversation because it is desirable and alluring and goes hand in hand with innocence, naïvety and general happiness. Just ask those annoying Fun. guys. If you remember, ‘Old’ came up a couple of times, and at the time I just compared it to the frequency of the word ‘New’, not really thinking how its antonym could also be ‘Young’. I think it just shows that age is something that is frequently in the thoughts of songwriters, as you would expect. Once again I’m dealing with ground-breaking stuff here…

So, here are the ‘Young’ ones:

Young Blood – The Naked & Famous (from Passive Me, Aggressive You, which I bought fairly recently and is quite good)

Young LionsThe Maccabees

Young Love – Mystery Jets feat. Laura Marling

So now to ‘Your’. I think I will just refer you to the previous post on ‘You’ for this one, because ‘Your’ is just the possessive version of the second person pronoun, not much else to say here…

Your Biggest MistakeEllie Goulding

Your EyesBombay Bicycle Club

Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me – The Pipettes (don’t know how I came across this song, it must have been years ago now, but I downloaded this and another song by The Pipettes – Dirty Mind. They’re fifties-styley, Phil Spector-like songs that are upbeat, simple and fun)

Your ProtectorFleet Foxes (beautiful song, of course)

Your Song – Kate Walsh (not THAT Your Song, but a different one. Think I just saw Kate Walsh’s album Tim’s House advertised on the telly once, and so downloaded this song and one called Fireworks from the album. Very simple, sweet, singer-songwriter music.)

OK, we really are near the end now. Only The Youth by MGMT (more young-ness) and Yr Mangled Heart by The Gossip round out ‘Y’. Then I have a couple of ‘Z’s and some number songs and that is it. So the next post may be the last in this alphabet song title countdown fun. It hasn’t been the success I’d have hoped, but I’ve enjoyed writing these posts, and that’s all I could really have asked for. I have ideas on what I’d like to blog about next, and it may be completely different, on a bit of random tangent, but I’ll reveal all another time.

Alright, bye.

L x

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All About You

You Really Got Me

You Really Got Me by The Kinks

It’s time for another train post, how exciting.

I have approximately 2 hours to tell you about ‘You’. Should be enough, though ideally I’ll do it in less because I have a magazine and two Collings and Herrin podcasts to attend to – lots of train material today.

So, ‘You’. After finishing ‘W’ I have X-Ray by the Maccabees, and then Yellow Submarine and Yesterday by The Beatles. Then it’s ‘You’ time. It really ain’t too surprising ‘You’ comes up a lot – writers like to talk directly to people frequently, so using the second person is expected. It also helps that ‘You’ can be singular and plural, so there is more opportunity to use it.

Anyway, there a quite a few to get through, so let’s crack on:

You Ain’t Going NowhereBob Dylan

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet – Bachman-Turner Overdrive (yes, purchase spurred by the Harvey the dog TV ad, but it just reminded me what a good song it already was)

You Can Call Me AlPaul Simon

You Can’t Always Get What You WantThe Rolling Stones

You Can’t Fool Me DennisMystery Jets

You Can’t Hurry LovePhil Collins and The Supremes (I have both versions because it is THAT good a song…)

You Have Placed a Chill in My HeartEurythmics (another artist that comes up ridiculously a lot even though I only have one album by them – admittedly a best of, but still)

You Really Got MeThe Kinks

You Rock My WorldMichael Jackson (said it before and I’ll say it again – didn’t like the guy, but you can’t deny some of his songs were good)

You Send MeJack Peñate (love Jack, love this old song, perfect combination. Randomly found this online somewhere and was very pleased)

You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties – Jona Lewie & Man Like Me (thanks Ikea)

You’re Gonna Lose Us – The Cribs (not sure I’ve talked about The Cribs before – I used to really like them and have the album Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever, but for some reason I’ve gone off them a lot. I think my taste has just gradually leaned away from their sort of music…)

You’re So CoolHans Zimmer (for what felt like years I was trying to find a piece of music that was basically just xylophone/glockenspiel plinky-plonky sounds that was used in loads of films. Then, after much research I found it was this – though I think there are many variations and this isn’t ‘the one’ for definite – which is from the film True Lies)

You’re the Voice – John Farnham (randomly caught some of Hot Rod on TV once and this song is used. Like a lot of adverts, TV and film are prone to do, it reminded me what a great song it is. It’s probably cheese to the max, but I don’t care)

So that was all about ‘You’. I’m not sure writers like to talk as much about ‘You’ as they do themselves (there were about 4 posts on just ‘I’), but it’s still a popular topic. Are there any other famous ‘You’ songs? Probably a ton, but without the internet at the moment I can only think of You and I by the Gaga and You’re the One which must be a song title by loads of people… right?!

Anyway, I will sort out the picture and video when I’m home, now I’ve got an hour left of train journey to endure/enjoy.

Ta ra,

L x


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Write that White

The Writer

The Writer – Ellie Goulding

I’m going to wrap up ‘W’ in this post, even though I’ve got a lot of songs left. The reason being – I only have one word that appears more than twice – ‘White’. I will list all the songs that appear just twice too, because otherwise this would be super-short, and who would want that?! Mmm…

So, let’s kick off with ‘While’:

While We WaitJack Johnson

While You Wait for the OthersGrizzly Bear

Now ‘White’. I suppose as ‘Black’ came up, it was likely ‘White’ would, too. It represents hope, peace, light, innocence, heaven, clouds and also blankness and emptiness; a lot for writers to work with, basically. So, songs I have are:

White LadderDavid Gray (I never really paid attention to David Gray before; he seemed fairly mundane and average. But a while ago I heard his song  Sail Away on the radio and realised I really liked it. Then I thought, hey, I quite like David Gray. I already had This Year’s Love because it’s a beautiful song, and decided I’d like the whole White Ladder album – Babylon is all right, and Say Hello, Wave Goodbye and Please Forgive Me are quite good, too. I also went on a bit of a David Gray-athon and bought Dead in the WaterBe Mine and The One I Love. It is all a bit ‘middle of the road’, but kind of nice and comfortable music)

White SkyVampire Weekend

White Winter HymnalFleet Foxes (the song that started it all…)

Right, now I have two ‘Who’ songs:

Who Knows Who Cares Local Natives

Who’s That GirlEurythmics

Two ‘Why’ songs:

Why Hip Hop Sucks in ’96DJ Shadow

Why Should You Come When I Call?Counting Crows

Two ‘Wild’s:

Wild HoneyThe Beach Boys

Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones

Two ‘William’s:

William PowersThe Maccabees (have I mentioned how much of a Maccabees convert I am? Well, definitely with their most recent album, anyway)

William Tell Overture – Gioachino Rossini (naturally)

Two ‘Wolf’s:

A Wolf in Geek’s Clothing – The Naked & Famous

Wolf PackThe Vaccines

Two ‘Word’s:

Word By WordBombay Bicycle Club


Two ‘Would’s:

Would I Lie to You?Eurythmics (so should be the TV programme’s theme tune)

Wouldn’t It Be NiceThe Beach Boys

And finally, the last song in my ‘W’ doesn’t have a word that occurs a lot, but I though I’d mention it:

The Writer Ellie Goulding (pretty much the reason why I bought her album. Really love this song, but like all very good songs, I have to ration my listening of it)

Right, so that’s ‘W’ over with. So, WHY should you come back (heavy wink)?! – Next week I’ll get onto ‘Y’, which actually has quite a few words for me to yap on about.

It seems this blog is going to end how it started – with no one reading it, but hey, what do I care?! Writing this is just for my own benefit… of course.

Huhhhhh… bye.

L x

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Where and When?

When You Walk in the Room

When You Walk in the Room by Fyfe Dangerfield (from Fly Yellow Moon)

I’m feeling rather uninspired when it comes to naming this post, so have gone with the obvious.

Two question words: ‘When’ and ‘Where’. Is there much to explain with these words? Not really. Well, with both it seems they are often not actually being used to start questions in the songs I have, more just pronouns for statements on time and place. They don’t have the added present tense verb ‘do’ or ‘will’ to make them questions… I’m sure there’s a more technical term that I would have learnt during my English degree to describe how these words are being used here, but it eludes me now.

So, ‘When’. When will this be over?! Soon, I promise. Here are my ‘When’ words:

When Doves CryPrince

When I Grow UpThe Beach Boys

When Tomorrow ComesEurythmics

When Will I See You Again – The Three Degrees (from the Be My Baby sixties album I bought fairly recently)

When You Walk in the RoomFyfe Dangerfield (quite a funky tune from Fyfe, quite fun and one of the better ones from his album)

When You Walk in the Room – Jackie DeShannon (completely different song, this one from the sixties album again)

When You’re Young and in Love – The Marvelettes (another one from that album. It appears the gals in the sixties liked asking ‘When’ questions, or just using the word ‘When’ seeing as they’re not actually questions…)

OK, now ‘Where’ in the world are we?

Where Is My Wild RoseRobin Pecknold (a cover of a Chris Thompson song, apparently, and from the three free songs he released a while back)

Where Nobody Knows – Kings of Leon

Where You Lead – Carole King (yes, I have this because of Gilmore Girls, why else?)

So that’s all for now. Not long to go now… it’s a shame I’m feeling a bit lacklustre about this whole thing and my blog-venture may go out on a limp rather than a high, not that there would really be a ‘high’… what am I saying? I have no idea any more, I better leave.


L x

Bit random video, but the only other ones of this song were live performances that didn’t really carry across the track that well, and a boring ‘lyrics’ video. This is a montage of three Indian/Hindu weddings it appears, but it sort of works quite nicely. These videos are really just a way of putting the audio of the song here anyway, no need to pay attention to the visual:

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What’s What


What Does Your Soul Look Like by DJ Shadow (from Endtroducing)

Here we are on a Monday again. But a Bank Holiday Monday, which is more excusable I reckon.

We are finally onto one of those ‘Wh-‘ question words I kept wanging on about, ‘What’. I don’t think there’s much point getting all explainy about why ‘What’ appears in song titles. Like any interrogative pronoun (oh yeah), it will appear quite frequently because songwriters like to ask questions – whether it’s rhetorical, philosophical or straightforward, they do like to ask.

So ‘What’s’ up? This is what’s up:

What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1 – Blue Sky Revisit – DJ Shadow

What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 4 – DJ Shadow (OK, very confused. It appears my iPod, or my computer, has changed around the names of all my DJ Shadow tracks because when I search for these two songs on YouTube, they are completely different to what I have, with different running times and everything. So not actually sure what the track I think this is, is really called. Hmm, never mind. Have I talked about DJ Shadow? I have his album Endtroducing… because Kath had it, and through sister-osmosis (technical term) I decided I quite liked it and so downloaded it… I think, or just burned the CD to my computer. Anyway, it’s very atmospheric and you need to be in the right mood to listen to it. If any of the songs come on in shuffle they’re usually skippers – it’s better to listen to the whole album at once, the songs don’t really fit in with much else. Quite good, though.)

What IfBombay Bicycle Club (I have all three of their albums now and am a full converted FAN, don’t know why I wasn’t before.)

What Is Happening – Alphabeat (embarrassed by Alphabeat, but I still like this song quite a bit)

What You Thought You NeedJack Johnson (I only have two bloomin’ albums of his, but his songs come up ALL THE TIME!)

What You WantBombay Bicycle Club

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?R.E.M. (did have the full best-of album on here, but got fed up with some tracks, so this is one of the few that remained)

What’s Up? – 4 Non Blondes (from my Ultimate Nineties collection. Always confused me how they sing ‘What’s going on?’ but the song is called What’s Up?)

And that’s what’s ‘What’. So, when will I see you again? At ‘When’, that’s when. Sorry, there’s something about the end of a post that encourages bad puns/wordplay from me…

Right, off to catch the final episode of Homeland that I missed last night(!), see you on the other side.

L x

So this is what What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1 – Blue Sky Revisit should really sound like, but it’s not what I have under that title on my iPod…:

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